Massive Potential for Growth With Eye Tracking Software
Massive Potential for Growth With Eye Tracking Software

Massive Potential for Growth With Eye Tracking Software

Although eye tracking is not widely used globally or even overly exploited by those who use it, there is a massive potential for the growth of the technology. For example, eye tracking could be a standard feature of the new generation smartphones and computer screens.
When this happens, Gaze Point will be at the forefront to provide your preferred equipment. Below are some areas that depict the potential for growth of the eye-tracking software.

Two coworkers using virtual reality goggles at work.

Eye-Tracking Software In Virtual Reality

For a more invasive experience, VR headset companies are investing massively in eye-tracking technology. In fact, eye tracking is in many ways viewed as the closest technology complementing VR.
For instance, foveated rendering is a technique in which the only images to be rendered in full quality are those falling on the fovea part of the retina. Eye-tracking technology is key to this technique.
VR manufacturers say that this technology will save more processing power, allow a translation of more frame rates and ease the chances of achieving high-quality images with 4K headsets rather than 24K ones.

Man playing games on the PC with headphones on.

Eye Tracker Software in PC Gaming

Gamepads, joysticks, mice, and other peripherals have long been used to communicate with PC and gaming consoles. However, now, eye-tracking technology makes it easy for the computer to interpret what you’re looking at and act as needed.
When interacting with an object, you only need to look at it then press a button, and the computer understands what thing you want to interact with. You do not need to drag a mouse if you are already looking.
Eye-gazing technology in gaming is speculated to enable video gamers to interact with game characters. Video-gaming characters can be programmed to react to the players’ gaze just like a human using eye-tracking. This can be a very potent source of emotional non-verbal communication. The application of human like-reactions in video gaming can be a huge leap in the future gaming industry.
Chances that eye tracking will replace gaming controllers soon are slim. However, thanks to technology, PC gaming can take a whole new turn with the introduction of powerful human-like interaction methods, that is, our eyes.
It will enable PC gamers to utilize more control mechanisms that will complement the mouse and joysticks. It drives additional natural interaction without actually scrapping anything.

Eye scan of woman’s eye.

Eye-Tracking Devices in Medicine and Accessibility

There is already imminence for using eye-tracking software to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. For example, infants look at images containing people’s faces or scenes with a social element.
Thus, for instance, if they develop autism, chances are high that they will prefer images with geometrical shapes. In contrast, those with the Williams Syndrome are more likely to pick social scenes, unlike neurotypical children. Thus, medical experts can analyze eye movements, using them as guides to early diagnoses.
Eye-tracking holds a promising future for a new objective methodology to be used in characterizing early autism features. Besides, eye-tracking for autism can be virtually implemented at any age and functioning level.
In addition, the Gaze Point technology is a possible breakthrough for people exhibiting physical deformities, especially with the unveiling of affordable and consumer-level devices. For example, Gaze Point keyboards and eye-tracking powered control panels can provide people with conditions like cerebral palsy and spinal injuries a means to communicate and interact with their environments.

Coworkers working at a computer.

Eye Tracking in Advertising

Currently, the only metrics advertisers use are impressions and the number of clicks. However, these numbers are not precise in the effectiveness of ad campaigns since what mostly gets counted as impressions is wasted on non-human bases.
Eye-tracking software can change all this in that online advertisers can precisely measure the actual number of human eyes viewing their ads popping on web pages. Using eye-tracking technology will give clearer insights into how everyone online interacts with ads.
While it can be impossible to gain the exact metrics until eye-tracking technology is embedded into every computer and mobile device, eye tracking gives insights into users’ interaction with ads.

two woman looking at a computer screen

Eye-tracking technology is actually already showing potential in the physical world.
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