Learn About the Accuracy Rate of Eye-Tracking Software
Learn About the Accuracy Rate of Eye-Tracking Software

Learn About the Accuracy Rate of Eye-Tracking Software

There are many tools that can help businesses market their products, using eye trackers is one of them. Choosing the right eye tracker can be a daunting task for many, but not when you trun to Gaze Point.

Gaze Point offers a wide range of eye-tracking software and tools that can help you market your products in an effective manner.

types of eye trackers

Types of Eye Trackers

There are three different types of eye trackers: remote, head-mounted, and webcam-based eye trackers, each with the same work but different functionalities. An eye tracker is a tracking device generally worn on a person’s head or attached to a computer display.

The infrared spectrum inside it is aimed towards the eye, detecting, measuring, and recording pupil movement.

It is used to track three fundamental factors:

  • What does the user look at?
  • How long does the user look at it?
  • How does the user’s gaze move across the picture or object?

Researchers can analyze the motions of a participant’s eyes during a variety of activities using eye tracking. This can show things like learning patterns and social interaction strategies and the cognitive processes underpinning a wide range of human behaviors.

Accuracy of Eye-Tracking Software

Valid and precise data determines the validity of eye-tracking technology. The goal is to create goods that are of the most incredible quality and function exceptionally well. The accuracy of eye-tracking software is also influenced by the software system that the user is using.

All software requirements are listed on the product page on our website, which has been thoroughly tested to provide the best and most error-free outcomes.

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Gaze Point offers various eye-tracking devices and software that may be customized to meet your unique requirements. Call us now.

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