Eye Tracking Software Aimed at Parking Garages

Eye Tracking Software Aimed at Parking Garages

Eye movement plays an important functional role when drivers use parking garages. It assists safe navigation, and also helps with finding a parking space. Drivers look in various directions as they enter or leave the parking garage. These eye movements can be quite valuable for businesses looking to place advertisements within a parking garage. Continue reading to learn more about using our eye-tracking technology from Gaze Point, and order yours online today to get started!

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Collecting the Eye Tracking Data

With Gaze Point’s eye tracking devices and software, you can collect reliable data about how users interact with ads in a parking garage. This data can be used to create heat maps that not only give you insights into where users look the most, but what catches their attention. This information can be very valuable to your marketing efforts in parking garages and other public spaces.


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Improving Advertisement Placement Effectiveness

The data derived from using eye tracking technology to discover where and what drivers see when they drive through a parking garage can help make an informed decision as far as advertisement placement in such places. This gives ad placement more effectiveness as they will only be installed in places where drivers are more likely to notice them, thus helping you to get more leads for your business in the long run.


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Improving Advertisement Design With Eye Tracking

Not only does eye tracking aid effective ad placement, it also improves the overall efficiency of your marketing design. By studying the eye pattern of drivers in a parking garage using eye tracking software, you will be able to get more insight into how they interact with the ads they see in public places. Knowing the things that stand out to them can help improve how you plan your marketing efforts and the specific design of your advertisements in public spaces, such as parking garages. These improved designs will help grab more people’s attention, bringing more awareness to your business. 


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Using Eye Tracking Software From Gaze Point

Gaze Point’s eye tracking software provides a unique set of features, including: 

  • Real-time data collection. 
  • Ability to view heat maps in real-time. 
  • See when people are looking at certain advertisements within the parking garage.
  • Ability to measure specific gaze angles.
  • See exactly where a person is looking, and how long they spend looking at certain points.


Choosing the best eye tracking device to improve your parking garage marketing efforts is easy with our top-quality eye tracking systems from Gaze Point. Contact Gaze Point to learn more about eye tracking technology, and how it can aid your advertisement campaigns in parking garages today!

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