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8 12, 2013

Travel Bag for the GP3 – Compliments of Gazepoint

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We travel a lot with our eye trackers, and since the GP3 is so portable we usually just throw a few in our laptop bag and hit the road. It's our way of stress testing the design in real-world, practical use. The GP3 holds up great, no need for a great big travel case, but we thought it would be nice if we had some sort of organizer that would fit the GP3, laptop base and the shorter cables. So we went out and sourced some festive red travel bags for the GP3. They are made of soft micro-fiber cloth so you can also use them to clean any dust you might find on the black front surface. We will be shipping all future GP3s with these travel bags included for free. It was just a coincidence the material was red, but it works well for the holiday season! Who wouldn't love to get a GP3 eye-tracker or two as a gift?!

2 12, 2013

Gazepoint Featured on Point Grey Research Machine Vision Newsletter

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Gazepoint was recently featured as a case study on the Point Grey Research Insight newsletter. Point Grey Research is a leading machine vision camera manufacturer, and the source of the high quality machine vision cameras we use in the GP3. We met Point Grey at the SIGGRAPH conference in Anaheim this year and they invited us to provide them with a case study for their newsletter and we're happy to see the study come out in the November edition. The Gazepoint GP3 may be the least expensive eye-tracker on the market but that doesn't mean it's the 'cheapest quality'. As you can see, we actually use a high quality machine vision camera (not a webcam) with excellent infrared sensitivity, high frame rate, and many more machine vision features. We chose the highest quality camera available as the camera quality directly impacts the quality of the eye tracking. We often get the question, "How can your system be so affordable? What corners did you cut?". The answer is, we didn't cut any corners when it comes to quality: we designed the most cutting edge technology and optimized the manufacturing and business processes to produce a high quality eye-tracker without a lot of overhead. When I founded Mirametrix in 2008 I was new to product manufacturing and production costs were high so we sold our eye trackers for several thousand dollars. Now with the advent of 3D printing and other rapid prototyping processes, manufacturing has become much faster and cheaper, allowing us to produce a research-grade eye tracker for under $500. If you're spending $10,000, $20,000 or more for your eye tracking hardware, what you are getting for all that expense?? Gazepoint is truly leading the way to expand [...]

27 11, 2013

List of Restrictions on Developer Applications: None!

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We've had a few questions recently about the restrictions we have on applications developed as part of our developer program.  The short answer is, there are none! That's the long answer as well. We think these questions are coming to us as a number of other eye tracking developer programs may have restrictions on the things you develop (non-commercial use, academic only, etc). With a Gazepoint GP3, there is no fine print or catches, and you don't even PAY for the SDK, it's included free with the eye tracker. We even include a powerful usability software tool to get you started on your next UX experiments, completely free of charge (though if you like the free standard edition of Analysis, we  think you'll really like the Pro version!). We believe the best way to get more people using eye trackers is to get more eye tracking applications developed. We're developing as many applications as we can, but there's only so fast we can go, which is why we're keen on developers creating their own apps. Our low cost hardware provides a great way to get started developing the next killer application using the last untapped human machine interaction. We'd love to hear about your next great invention and we'll even feature it on our site, but there's no requirements to sell it through us. Feel free to market and promote the heck out of your killer new developments! You worked hard on it, you should be rewarded for it! We here at Gazepoint can't wait to see what you come up with next!  

16 11, 2013

Introducing the GP3 laptop mount!

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We are pleased to announce the release of the GP3 Laptop Mount! We had a lot of positive feedback on our GP3 VESA monitor mount which led to requests for a similar attachment to a laptop. Attaching the eye tracker to the display or laptop ensures that calibrations remain fixed even if the laptop is accidentally bumped. The laptop mount is also easier to setup on a laptop keyboard than the 3 point tripod we supply (no more accidentally pressing keys). Finally the base has a rubber grip that prevents the eye tracker from sliding around on the keys, which means the laptop can be set on sloped surfaces (podiums, slanted desks, your lap!), and the unit won't slide off. Check out the video below to see the eye-tracker in action, and order yours today!  

26 09, 2013

Gazepoint GP3 Analysis of America’s Cup 2013 Final Race

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We here at Gazepoint are almost all certified wind junkies. When it's blowing over 15 kts it's pretty hard to keep the team focused, and over 20 kts we're all on the water. Fortunately (sort of) it's rarely that windy around here, but we are all keen sailors and this years America's Cup has been an amazing spectacle. Not only are the boats incredibly fast, the racing incredibly tight, and the suspense incredibly high, the SportVision LiveLine graphical overlay's may have really added to the viewing experience. It also helps they broadcast on Youtube as most of us don't have TVs any more. While the the computer vision and graphic overlays are very impressive, do the viewers really actually look at them? Do the viewers use them to enhance their understand of the race? Let's find out with the GP3 eye-tracker! We recorded a viewer's gaze over the last race of the series and posted it in the video below. If you watch a few minutes, you can clearly see just how frequently the viewer glances at the overlay graphics to get a better understanding of the current race status. We haven't run a large sample and done AOI statistics on the viewer behavior (that software is coming soon) but it's pretty obvious the new graphics are getting a lot of viewing attention. Gaze is ideally suited for both quantitatively and qualitatively evaluating the performance of your visual systems, and the GP3 is ideally suited (and priced!) to get you the gaze information you need!

22 08, 2013

The art of eye tracking – SAIC

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We are excited to feature a recent project developed using the new GP3 eye tracker. Students from the SAIC School of the Art Institute of Chicago put together a fascinating exhibit about self perception entitled “Me, My#selfie, & Eye”. The installation allows visitors to take a “selfie”, or a picture of themselves, and then allows them to view where they look on this picture thanks to the GP3, Gazepoint’s low-cost, high-performance eye tracker. Plans are in place for further optimization of the exhibit for an eventual permanent installation at Northwestern. The team behind this work is tweeting the various pictures and gaze overlap on their twitter account at https://twitter.com/Memyselfieeye. Applications like these are why we decided to build an affordable eye-tracker in the first place – to facilitate innovation in the broadest possible range of domains, from those that traditionally use eye-tracking like usability research to newer domains like art. We find it especially rewarding when we hear that the team at Northwestern put together this exhibit in just 10 days! To us, this speaks volumes about how user-friendly the GP3 is, even for those who might be new to eye-tracking. We are honored to be part of Me, My#selfie, & Eye, and are looking forward to hearing about more creative applications of eye-tracking in the future!            

15 08, 2013

The introductory offer is over, but the GP3 is still the most affordable high performance tracker available!

By |2017-08-25T08:59:21+00:00August 15th, 2013|Update|Comments Off on The introductory offer is over, but the GP3 is still the most affordable high performance tracker available!

Since the launch of the GP3, our high-performance, low-cost desktop eye-tracker, we’ve been flooded with orders, great feedback, and interesting requests for new features (stay tuned!). As we rush to assemble, test and ship units, we're also optimizing the manufacturing process, AND developing awesome new upgrade features like heatmaps, and entirely new products. We truly appreciate your patience if it takes a few extra days to get your order on the road, we're sure it'll be worth your wait! The bad news is we have now ended our introductory $350 pricing offer. The demand was so high we ran out of our inventory twice and had to scramble with our suppliers to restock! We'd love to keep our price at $350 but our our business model established the price point at $750. Now for the good news. Since there was so much demand, and we really really really want to see all the cool applications you're going to develop if only you can get your hands on a high performance, low-cost eye-tracker, we're only going to bump the price up just a little. So instead of jumping to $750, we will be offering the GP3 for $495, still and one or two orders of magnitude less than most systems out there. So go ahead and pick up an eye-tracker or two for your research lab, for your usability startup, or for the fun of integrating gaze into games and other programs. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

14 08, 2013

Gazepoint Analysis 1.4.0 now supports real-time heatmaps

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The Gazepoint Analysis package version 1.4.0 has been upgraded to provide real-time heatmap drawing. V1.4.0 also now supports recording of the users face image to provide additional feedback to the experimenter on what the user was doing during the recording. Our current customers can download the latest greatest software at the Download section. For everyone else, think about picking up a GP3, it's the most cost effective way to get started with gaze-tracking and start creating your own heatmaps!  

6 07, 2013

Gazepoint Eyeblade Developer Demo

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In the video below we demonstrate a simple application that allows eye-tracking to control the cursor in the Fruit Ninja video game by Half Brick. The demo system uses 3 pieces of sofware: Gazepoint: The gaze-tracking software that comes included with the GP3 - it processes the eye images, computes the gaze point, and runs the TCP/IP server; Eyeblades: Uses the GPClient sample class (all source code included in installer) to collect the X/Y gaze point and move the mouse cursor with different eyeblade patterns; Fruit Ninja: Fun 3rd party game available in Windows 8 App Store. The Fruit Ninja game is an excellent example of a game well-suited for eye-tracking, as it was originally designed for touch. Touch input and gaze input share some of the same limitations in terms of accuracy. As I play, you will notice that I don't have to be perfectly accurate to cut the fruit: the game tracks the motion of the finger (or gaze in our case), resulting in more successful slices, and more fun gameplay! It's time for this game and others to be developed with built-in gaze-tracking input, but current eye-trackers cost $5000-$20000, a very expensive add-on! That's why we are launching the GP3: it matches the performance of those systems for only a few hundred dollars, which means that in the very near future you're going to see a lot more applications built for gaze. That's where YOU come in! The GP3 comes with an easy to use open-standard API that will let you create awesome applications using the last untapped form of human communication! Gaze as an X/Y input as shown in the demo is fast and fun, but gaze input can get even more creative. Where [...]

23 06, 2013

GP3 Unboxing and Setup

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In the video below, we'll show just how easy the GP3 is to setup: you can get started with eye-tracking in under 3 minutes! You only need 4 components, all of which come with your brand new GP3 tracker: GP3 eye-tracker: required. You knew that. Tripod: Any standard camera tripod will work, so feel free to swap out the one we supply if your application needs something different. USB Cable: Standard USB A to mini B cable USB Power: Allows you to run the entire tracker off your computer, no need to plug into the wall The GP3 makes it easier and more affordable to get started with eye-tracking than ever before. Let us know if you want one soon! Cheers, Craig