Why Eye Tracking Software Is Perfect For Online Retail Stores
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Why Eye Tracking Software Is Perfect For Online Retail Stores

Online shopping has been increasing in popularity over the past decade, even more so with the COVID-19 pandemic. With online shopping continuing to grow incredibly fast — according to Statista, the US online shopping market size is expected to have 300 million online shoppers in 2023 — online retailers need to make the most of their online presence and reach as many customers as possible.

One way to do that is with eye tracking software. This technology has been widely used by both brick-and-mortar stores and e-Commerce retailers to study how shoppers engage with the environment and to understand what products, promotions, and features capture the eye. Gazepoint eye tracking technology is revolutionizing how online retail stores handle market research. Below, we’ll share why eye tracking software is perfect for online retail stores.

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Market Research Pain Points for Online Retail Stores

Moste-Commerce stores already have access to insightful data on their online customers. In these cases, they are equipped with resources to know what websites shoppers come from, what categories they viewed, what products they interacted with, how long they spent on a specific page, and what purchases, if any, were made. While this data along with other metrics give insight into “what” shoppers do on a website, they don’t necessarily give insight on the “why”.

The only reliable method for assessing what captures our attention, holds our interest, motivates us to acquire a specific product, and influences our purchase decision is to track visual behavior. Of course, this information is extremely valuable to ecommerce companies interested in boosting the customer experience and increasing sales.

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How Eye Tracking Technology Benefits Online Retail Stores

While an eye tracking device has been introduced to market research previously, it is the only technology available that can provide genuine, impartial, and comprehensive insights into human attention and the factors influencing buying decisions. Eye tracking software can help online retailers identify what design changes or product placements are most effective in attracting attention and motivating purchase. The data can also be used to evaluate customer behavior and understand what a customer’s preferences are for website features, products, pricing, shipping options, etc.

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Increase e-Commerce Efficiency With Eye Tracking Software

A negative online shopping experience may result in an online retail store losing a customer from their revenue stream with the click of a button. Eye tracking technology allows you to observe how shoppers interact with an online store and products, and unlike click or mouse data, it shows true attention and highlights friction points such as things that cause confusion and other barriers to an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.

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Gazepoint Eye Tracking Software Can Help Your Online Retail Store

With Gazepoint eye tracking technology, online retail stores are able to conduct in-depth research studies with precise insights into the way shoppers engage with their website. The data can be easily shared within a company for easy assessment of design changes and product placements. With limited time and resources, this software provides accurate results without any guesswork or bias.

Overall, eye tracking software is a valuable asset for e-Commerce companies as it provides genuine insights into what captures customer attention and influences their buying decisions. With Gazepoint’s affordable pricing, online retail stores now have access to the most research-grade eye tracking technology on the market. This will undoubtedly lead to increased efficiency in regards to market research and customer engagement.

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