What Is Neuromarketing Research?

What Is Neuromarketing Research?

Neuromarketing research is a field that studies neurological responses to certain stimuli, such as an advertisement or video. At Gazepoint, we are paving the future for neuromarketing research with the best eye tracking software for marketers. The human gaze provides a ton of information necessary for business insights and it can be utilized to learn more during user experience research. Keep reading to learn more about neuromarketing research, its applications, and how Gazepoint is paving the way for data collection and analytics.

Consumer Decision Making

Making a decision used to be easy, but there is a lot of information thrown at consumers in today’s world. Have you been shopping for pet food online lately? There are tons of dog food types, brands, and articles about how to feed your dog. Even the simplest products like bottled water have a huge amount of advertising. What makes you reach for Fiji water over another brand? Researchers have found that consumers tend to make decisions subconsciously, which is how neuromarketing research plays its role in data gathering and interpretation.

What Tools Do Neuromarketers Use?

At Gazepoint, our eye tracker technology provides insight into the consumer’s subconscious. We utilize the following metrics:

  • Direction of gaze
  • Number of fixations
  • Time to the first fixation
  • Blink rate
  • Blink duration
  • Pupil diameter

We also allow clients to invest in a multipurpose package that includes biometric data like heart rate.

What is Neuromarketing Used For?

Neuromarketing has many applications giving it a huge advantage over other research practices. Neuromarketing is used in various industries, from marketing and even healthcare. Here are a few applications:

  • Product design testing
  • UX/ website testing
  • Multi-screen ready/cross-platform testing
  • Second-by-second optimization of TV advertisements
  • Audio branding testing
  • Rebranding

Our software helps a variety of medical practices diagnose autism, identify Alhezmiers, and more.

The Future of Neuromarketing

A lot of user experience research can be gathered with Gazepoint’s eye-tracking technology. Companies will no longer rely on consumer surveys to improve customer experience and satisfaction because eye-tracking technology can be deployed in advertisements, video games, virtual reality, and much more. Utilizing our eye-tracking technology to create heat maps is a smart way to ensure that you’re making informed decisions about your marketing.

The future is here with Gazepoint. We are an innovative company staying up to date with the world of neuromarketing through our eye-tracking technology. See what biometrics testing and visual eye-tracking technology can do for you and your company. Try us out today!

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