How Do You Study Neuromarketing?

How Do You Study Neuromarketing?

The core function of neuromarketing is to study what influences the consumer’s subconscious during the decision-making process. The three disciplines are neuroscience, marketing, and psychology. Once analysts have received their data, they study what influences marketing techniques. Read on to learn how Gazepoint highlights the ways experts study neuromarketing and contact us.


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What Data Is Tracked?

The results of neuromarketing study allow designers, developers, and web managers to visualize usage patterns, gather objective data, and optimize the user experience. Brain scanning, which measures neural activity and physiological eye tracking, are the most common ways to track user engagement.


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How is Eye-Tracking Used?

Eye-tracking is a powerful tool for understanding how consumers interact with ads and other content. It can help companies optimize their marketing campaigns and provide insights into what motivates people to buy certain products or services. Consumers generate emotional responses, and this is vital during user experience research. At Gazepoint, we know that consumers generate emotional responses, so we created the best eye tracking software for marketers to help you track this data and tailor your marketing to achieve optimum results.


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How Do You Assess Eye Tracking Data?

Our system is easy-to-use and includes powerful features such as heat maps, pupil diameter measurement, areas of interest (AOIs), Thinkaloud voice and webcam recording, and click and scroll behavior. The unit of measure used to present information gathered from eye-tracking is called a gaze point. Gazepoint’s innovative tools allow researchers and developers to apply the technology to their area of research easily. When it comes to visual tracking, our eye-tracking heat maps make it easy to make the right decisions for your business.


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Why Choose Gazepoint?

With our biometrics testing and visual tracking solutions, you can quickly and easily set up tests to gather data. Now explore the world of accurate research-grade eye-tracking statistics that will provide insight into customer behavior for optimal user engagement. Explore affordable, easy-to-use testing options today, or contact us for more information about how we can help optimize user engagement rates across any platform.


Eye-tracking technology is becoming more and more popular as a research tool. It provides accurate data for neuromarketing studies on how people view and interact with web pages and digital media. Gazepoint hardware and software solutions make it easy for you to set up tests and gather this valuable data. If you want to discover insight into customer behavior or optimize user engagement, interaction, and performance, try us out today!

As the first high-performance eye tracking software available at a consumer-grade price, GP3 provides an amplified level of accurate data for medical use.
Gazepoint’s innovations in eye-tracking allow developers to enhance behavioral research applications and usability studies applications.
Eliminating the guesswork behind the interactions between consumer and computer, our Analysis UX Edition allows users to track human behavior through measures such as eye movement tracking, click and scrolling behavior and more.