Meet The Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable fast-paced, independently-led innovations and large-scale research that will bring visual tracking to the forefront of natural human-computer interactions. We will achieve our goal by providing high-performance, consumer-priced eye-trackers to clients in all fields of applications, including academic researchers, video game developers, and more. We envision a world with eye trackers on every desk, phone, tablet, car, and cockpit, helping users achieve optimal interaction in a natural environment.

At Gazepoint, we have been developing eye trackers for more than a decade, and we bring both experience and expertise to every single tracker we produce.

Our Key Team

Craig Hennessey

Ph.D., PEng, Co-Founder

Craig has been working on gaze-tracking systems for over a decade. His original research has led to numerous patents, and it culminated in the founding of Gazepoint Research, where he continues to push the boundaries of eye-tracking technology.

Johnny Tam

B.A., Co-Founder

Johnny has been involved in the technology startups for the past 10 years. With experience in growing early stage startups into a multi-million dollar profitable businesses, he brings proven strategic planning, management, and operational experience to the team.

Julie Robillard

Ph.D., Co-Founder

Julie has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and expertise in health technology development and evaluation. With more than 10 years of experience in scientific research, Julie provides key insights into end-user engagement and evidence-based, gaze-tracking applications.