Gazepoint Analysis UX Edition is a software solution for usability testing. It’s ideal for web or software UI and UX designers and developers. Our affordable system allows you to create heat maps and fixation maps in minutes and costs less than most software-only solutions from competitors. Learn More
Computer science, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, no matter your field, the Gazepoint GP3 can multiply the output of your research. University researchers from around the world are already using the affordable GP3 and experience performance at an affordable price point.Learn More
Eye tracking can provide persons with disabilities new opportunities to interact with the world. Eye gaze can control a mouse pointer or to type on an on-screen keyboard, allowing full access to computer applications. The GP3 can be used on laptops and desktops and takes minutes to set up!Learn More
Think you can imagine the next application that will revolutionize human-computer interaction? Pick up a consumer-priced GP3 eye tracker today and join our no strings attached Developer Program! Novel video games, browser plugins, productivity enhancing tools, the sky is the limit!Learn More

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2702, 2015

Gazepoint in the News


Gazepoint has been covered in the news a fair amount recently. After coverage in the local Vancouver Sun newspaper, Dr. […]

2401, 2015

Eye tracking in the classroom with Gazepoint

Gazepoint’s affordable and easy-to-use GP3 means you can outfit an entire classroom with eye-trackers! Leading eye tracking expert Dr. Andrew Duchowski […]

2912, 2014

Website refresh and Shop update!

A New Year is upon us and we’re happy to unveil a faster, improved website!

We heard from many of our […]

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