How Eye Tracking Software Helps Marketers Analyze Google Search Tendencies

How Eye Tracking Software Helps Marketers Analyze Google Search Tendencies

Marketers have a saying: If you want to hide something, put it on the second page of google. It is well known that the first few results that come up in a search are likely to be the most clicked on. We also know that results accompanied by images and videos tend to be closer assessed by users. How do we know this? Because of eye tracking software. Eye tracking technology is a much more concrete way of assessing the success of an ad or marketing campaign than a lot of traditional metrics. Things like impressions and CTR, can give a vague idea of how many people are seeing or engaging with a campaign but it does not offer the same concrete numbers as eye tracking software. With eye tracking technology, marketers can measure the true impact of their advertising and, therefore, make better decisions about how to market. Gaze Point offers incredible eye tracking technology that marketers can benefit from. Read on to learn how eye tracking software can make marketing better. 

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What Is Eye Tracking Software?

Eye tracking software is exactly what it sounds like. It is software that allows for the collection of data on how the user’s gaze moves throughout a page and how they react to visual stimuli. This technology allows marketers more insight into how interested the user really is in what they are being shown and allows them to make adjustments based on concrete data rather than more vague metrics like impressions or clicks. 


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How Does Eye Tracking Technology Work?

Eye tracking technology works by connecting an eye tracking device to a screen or monitor and allowing it to use infrared light to track data points. These data points can include pupil dilation and gaze direction. The eye tracking software can deduce movement of the gaze, duration of the gaze on certain points and times when the user was fixated on a certain point. 


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What Can Eye Tracking Technology Do?

There are many practical applications of eye tracking technology but what will interest marketers is the ability to detect when and where users are losing interest. With eye tracking software, marketers can see the real-time reaction to ad placement and design. It becomes possible to make adjustments based on what is more engaging to the eye. This makes for more effective advertising. 


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Future Applications of Eye Tracking Technology

Eye tracking technology has the ability to allow researchers to craft better strategies for advertising and craft better marketing campaigns. There are many applications of this technology. It allows for better-designed websites, more engaging content, and more successful advertising. Eye tracking software has limitless potential and can do a lot for the world at large. 


Eye tracking technology can change the world of marketing as we know it. If you are interested in eye tracking software or want to start using this technology to better your business, you can shop for eye tracking devices here or contact Gaze Point for more information. 

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