How The Eye Tracking Software Market Has Grown Since The Pandemic

How The Eye Tracking Software Market Has Grown Since The Pandemic

Eye tracking software is continually evolving, providing better insights into consumer behavior. At Gazepoint, we provide affordable solutions to make neuromarketing and biometric research tools easy to apply. With remote work growing in prominence over the past two years, the demand for eye tracking software such as Gazepoint has increased as well. Our team has broken down how this market has grown since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Working From Home

The pandemic necessitated more people to work from home. Consequently, time spent staring at screens skyrocketed. With a huge population captivated by their computers for work, marketers saw this as an opportunity to use eye tracking software and capitalize on this situation.


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In the same way remote work proliferated as a result of the pandemic, eye tracking technology is a distanced approach used by marketers. By reducing trips to testing facilities, online biometric research tools collect data effectively and conveniently. Likewise, eye tracking software consolidates more results than lab-based testing which tends to study a small number of subjects. So marketers receive more results without having to do as much work.


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Increased Need

More remote work results in a change in behavior and habits online. If marketers didn’t employ eye tracking devices such as those from Gazepoint, then they may not recognize this shift. Eye tracking allows for the recognition and discovery of new patterns. Gaining insight into these new developments can help marketers optimize their online approach.


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Mobile Eye Tracking

As a result of the growth within the industry over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile eye tracking is expanding too. Mobile tracking is expected to have the highest compound annual growth of any segment within the eye tracking market through 2025. In mobile situations, the subject has more freedom of movement for their eyes and their head, so this tracking can gather more information.


Though the pandemic has altered many aspects of life, there are many similarities that the general public shares with one another. These habits and patterns can be discovered through eye tracking software. For more information about how Gazepoint’s hardware and applications can help you, contact us today!

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