Gazepoint Biometrics Now Available

Gazepoint Biometrics Now Available

The entire Gazepoint team is very happy to announce the release of the all-new Gazepoint Biometrics platform. Our Biometrics platform builds on our existing expertise in eye tracking and adds additional biometric signals to the data capture stream.

The Biometrics platform provides three new signals: heart rate and galvanic skin response (GSR) from the finger sensor, as well as an analog, self-reporting engagement dial from zero to 100 percent. The biometric signals can be captured as standalone signals or in conjunction with eye-tracking data.

In addition, the Gazepoint eye-tracking systems (GP3 and GP3 HD) have been upgraded to provide a more accurate pupil diameter measure. The upgraded pupillometry system is available to all new and existing eye-tracking technology customers with access to the latest software release (V5.0 will be rolled out soon).

Key Features of Gazepoint Biometrics

Some of the system’s key features include:

Ease of Use

As with the design of our eye-tracking systems, our goal is to make it very easy to get up and running and collecting data. Simply plug the finger sensor into the dial block, plug the dial block into the PC USB, and click the ON button in Control to activate the biometrics sensor system.

Seamless Integration

Biometrics effortlessly integrates with the existing Gazepoint Analysis platform and eye trackers. You can design projects as before with images, videos, screen capture, and more, and as long as the Biometrics system is enabled, all the data will be captured and synchronized along with the eye-tracking data.

Standalone Operation

It is possible to use just the Biometrics system alone to capture GSR, heart rate, and self reporting if eye-tracking data is not required.

OpenGaze API Integration

Our Biometrics platform is integrated into the OpenGaze API, which makes developing custom applications very easy. Almost any language – including C, C++, C#, Python, Matlab, and others – can be used. Simply open a TCP/IP socket to connect to the Control server, and you can stream the biometrics data just as you can the gaze data.

Improved Eye Tracking Accuracy

The upgraded pupil diameter algorithm now provides more accurate pupillometry to complement the eye-gaze data and other Biometrics signals.

Cost Effectiveness

As with our eye-tracking systems the Biometrics system was design to be as cost effective as possible. The three new Biometric signals are integrated into a single package, and pricing is listed in our online store.

Order Your Biometrics System Today

The Gazepoint Biometrics platform can be purchased as a standalone system with basic Analysis software, just as our eye-tracking systems can, which provides a very cost-effective solution to capturing biometric signals. If you purchase the Pro version of Analysis, then you can more easily set up and run experiments with media types such as images and videos. If you purchase the UX Analysis, then you get Thinkaloud, AOI, and now biometric signal graphing. Pair the biometrics hardware with any eye-tracking system to add the biometrics signals to the gaze data capture system. Place your order today to get started!

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