Marketing: Research & Application
Eliminate the guesswork from your marketing strategies and UX optimization, and create data-driven designs with help from Gazepoint.
We provide complete hardware and software solutions, enabling you to quickly and easily set up tests and gather data. Now you can utilize accurate, research-grade eye-tracking data and analytics to discover insight into customer behavior and optimize user engagement, user interaction, and performance. Explore our affordable, easy-to-use testing solutions, and contact Gazepoint today!

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Research-Grade Technology for Marketing Agencies

Eye-tracking gives you the ability to visualize and quantify customer insights. Instead of relying on guesswork and subjective design and marketing strategies, you can now create data-driven solutions. Gazepoint provides the tools you need with our accurate, affordable, and easy-to-use technology. Each of our product bundles includes everything you will need to get started, with no recurring fees. Make a simple, one-time purchase, and launch your business forward! Get the best eye-tracking software for marketers today! 

The Gazepoint GP3 HD Ultimate Bundle provides a cost-effective and user-friendly package with all the hardware and software you need to create experiments, collect data, and perform analytics. Order today and receive the GP3 HD eye tracker, Gazepoint Analysis UX Edition software, a laptop mount, a VESA monitor mount, and three years of warranty protection, support, and software updates.

Customer Insights for UX Research

Understanding the customer and improving the usability of a product or experience is the objective of any user experience professional. Eye-tracking technology is becoming an increasingly essential tool for gathering UX data, as the eyes are the key to understanding a user’s interest and attention.

Gazepoint eye-tracking hardware and software give you an effective way to collect reliable, unbiased data and analyze it accurately. From creating heatmaps of eye fixations to recording user interview sessions, you can do it all with the Gazepoint GP3 HD Ultimate Bundle. Contact Gazepoint today to learn more about how we can meet your UX research needs!

Your Path to Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing study is the next progression in user-experience research, where neuroscience is applied to marketing. Rather than depending on surveys, focus groups, and observation. New technology offers you the opportunity to utilize quantitative and biometric data. Now you can learn how customers respond physiologically to specific packaging designs or advertisements with Gazepoint eye-tracking and biometrics technology. You can follow a user’s gaze as they shop and know what catches their attention and what they ignore—allowing you to incorporate this unbiased data into decisions about your marketing strategy.

The Gazepoint Biometrics HD Eye Tracker Bundle includes the GP3 HD eye tracker and our biometrics hardware kit, software, mounting accessories, and three years of support and software updates. Add this bundle to your order, and you can utilize our eye-tracking technology and collect data on heart rate, galvanic skin response (GSR), and pupil change data.

Take Your Business into the Future with Gazepoint

Eye-tracking technology is quickly changing marketing and UX research. What are you waiting for? Shipping is fast — contact Gazepoint today and order the hardware and software you need to make a difference. Have any questions? Contact us today for a free demonstration.

all-in-one user-friendly research and testing systems

As the first high-performance eye tracking system available at a consumer price point, the Gazepoint GP3 HD Ultimate Bundle provides an accurate, trustworthy tool for diagnostics and testing use.
Gazepoint’s innovative eye-tracking systems are engineered to interface easily with custom software applications through our API/SDK taking custom, eye tracking-driven applications to the next level.
Utilize Gazepoint’s eye-tracking packages for improving medical care and research.  
Improve independence for persons with speech and mobility impairments using Gazepoint eye-tracking systems.