There’s no denying that eye trackers have become a must-have tool for so many research and development teams. The information and data you are able to receive from performing studies with an eye tracker are vast and can greatly improve your design and final product, help you with understanding some of the problems that your development may have, or have direct input from your potential customers. Whatever the case may be, eye tracking systems can be the game-changer that you need to move forward and grow.

Now, if you couple the capabilities of an eye tracker and mix in the high usage of mobile devices, you have the main pieces of a formula that involves a great research tool mixed with one of the most-used mediums for communication today. At Gazepoint, we understood the many possibilities and benefits of this pairing and decided to create the perfect eye-tracking setup for mobile devices.

The GP3-Mobile Eye Tracking System was created with the thought of having state-of-the-art technology that would be easy to hold a wide variety of mobile devices up to 10 inches while offering a great setup and the adequate software to help you or your research team explore options and give you an edge against the competition!

At the same time, we knew that eye-tracking technology was not only used for marketing or product optimization purposes, but also for medical research and development. That’s why we wanted to have a product that was comfortable and would not require too much space to set up, that way we could offer our clients the possibility to move the equipment around in case it was needed someplace else.

With this eye tracker, you not only get top-of-the-line, current technology, but you are also getting a product that’s made with high-quality materials that can also be transported easily without any hassles.

Use An Eye Tracker For Mobile Devices!

Like we mentioned before, there are many uses for an eye tracker and the applications are almost limitless. When you use eye-tracking devices and couple them with a well-thought-out plan to collect the appropriate data, you end up with invaluable information that can help you improve your product, the way it’s received by your customers, and even other people’s lives!

Gazepoint’s GP3-Mobile Eye Tracking System offers many advantages. Some of them include:

  • Ample Support — This eye-tracking setup offers you compatibility with Android and iOS.
  • Device Sizes — The stand can hold devices up to 10” screen size.
  • Orientation — You are able to place the mobile device in landscape or portrait mode to accommodate your needs.
  • Audio — This eye tracker comes with audio recording capabilities in case you need to also consider an audio track in your studies and research.
  • Sample Rate — You are able to record in either 60Hz or 150Hz 

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Know Which Eye Tracker You Should Get

Knowing exactly what you would need in an eye tracker is defined by your research, subjects, data needed, and other factors that can steer you through different solutions. While some eye trackers are helpful in medical research situations that require extreme accuracy, you might not be looking for something that would be on that level. 

The more you know about the project you will be assisting with the information obtained from your research, the better decisions you can make about which eye-tracking device you should get. For eye trackers, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, and there are different aspects that can prove to be helpful when making a decision.

If you wish to learn about the key points of choosing the right eye tracker, you can click the button below. The information found there can help you guide your decision so you can get the right eye tracker for you!

Choose The Right Eye Tracker!


Why Choose Gazepoint For Your Eye Trackers?

Gazepoint offers products that are created under strict quality guidelines to ensure that every eye-tracking system we sell has been thoroughly tested so you can receive the best tool for your research. Also, most of our products and equipment are backed up by a one-year warranty and up to three years for certain products.

We offer full support for your eye tracker to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to serve as a helping hand in case you are having trouble with your system or software. While our eye trackers are easy to set up and operate, we know that there can always be other complications, which is why our team is available to help you when you need them.

One thing that the eye-tracking experts at Gazepoint are proud of is the price ranges of our products. While some companies charge up tens of thousands of dollars for a single piece of equipment and software, we offer products that compare in quality to those with high price tags without the need to break your bank — get a piece of equipment with the same capabilities for only a fraction of the price!

Our eye-tracking equipment has been cited in many publications from educational institutions, medical research facilities, and more! The wide range of eye trackers has given us the opportunity to reach many industries and help technology, marketing, development, and more projects to grow and move towards completion with a satisfactory outcome.


Here are some of the many applications and industries eye trackers can be used for. Click each link to learn more about them!

Great Eye-Tracking Devices & Software

If you are looking for an eye tracker to help you with your research, data collection, development, medical studies, or any other problem that needs a solution within your project or study, consider our eye-tracking technology!

You can trust the experts at Gazepoint to provide you with a solid and reliable product that will outperform your expectations. If you have any questions about our products, solutions, advances, or more, check out our FAQ page for more information. If you are set and ready to get your first or next eye tracker, click the button below to purchase from our store!

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