Eye tracking is gaining ground in industries around the world thanks to its wide applicability. Gazepoint eye-tracking technology is versatile enough to work for many different projects and businesses, given the right insight and ingenuity. To learn how eye tracking can work for your company, or to find inspiration for the next new application of this technology, explore how Gazepoint products are being used today.



Effective marketing relies on an understanding of your customers. Eye tracking offers unparalleled objectivity to marketing and design studies, recording real data companies can use to develop new strategies and campaigns. With eye tracking, your team can know exactly what about your ads or products is capturing a customer’s attention or causing confusion rather than depending solely on subjective surveys or focus groups.


Usability (UX) is the focal point of any new product or application. Gazepoint has developed a bundle made specifically for UX research, with custom-made software and our affordable, high-quality hardware. Track a user’s experience through their gaze as they navigate a page and cater to their wants and needs based on quantifiable metrics. Generate heat maps in minutes and visualize a user’s gaze path, fixations, and more easily with our Analysis UX software.


The next evolution of eye tracking and its application begins with students. Gazepoint offers our research-grade technology at a consumer price point to make eye tracking accessible for everyone. Teach the next generation how to use eye trackers and build teams to push the limits of what this versatile technology can achieve.


Eye tracking has already found a number of applications in the field of medicine, from detecting symptoms of Alzheimer’s and autism spectrum disorders to problems with the eye like strabismus or glaucoma. Eye trackers have become a valuable tool for research and study, offering a faster way to diagnose physical problems with a user’s eyes but also insight into the connection between eye movements and cognition or emotion. Gazepoint’s eye-tracking technology is designed to be easy to use and unobtrusive to the user, widening its application to children as well as adults.


Eye tracking has also become a key component in the advancement of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems. For those with disabilities, there are a number of challenges that can be more easily tackled with the help of eye tracking, from movement and communication to utilizing the electronics that have become a part of our everyday lives for most of us.


At Gazepoint, we know there is still a lot to discover when it comes to the use of eye tracking. We have made our research-grade technology available at an affordable price point so anyone can join the race to develop the next ground-breaking application. You can find all the support you need to get started here on our site, from downloadable guides to video tutorials on unboxing, setting up, and utilizing your eye tracker.

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