Eye Tracking Software New Possibilities

Eye-tracking is an important topic when discussions about modern technological milestones come into play. Moreso, eye-tracking is useful in the research and science sectors because it has proven that someone’s eyes can accurately reflect their behaviors and immediate thoughts.

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How Does Eye-Tracking Software Work?

Eye-tracking refers to the electronic process of locating someone’s gaze point. Many technologies help in the eye-tracking process. Some are in the form of head attachments, while others identify and record eye movements without contact with your eyes.

In the methods that use an attachment to the eyes, the cornea is fixated with special lenses or film. Special sensors are then used to follow the eye movements accordingly.

For instance, a tiny mirror or an electronic transducer can be mounted on the attachment, then use light beams and electromagnetic fields to detect and follow the eye’s positional gaze changes. Modern devices are sensitive and accurate enough if there are no eye slips during the process.

Eye-tracking can also be completed even with no attachments to the cornea. Remote tracking is a more preferable method since it’s non-invasive and transportable. In the remote tracking method, an infrared beam is projected to the eye, and the sensors record these reflection patterns.

It’s expected that the retina or cornea reflects the infrared beam, which is essential in detecting and sensing eye movement.

Eye-Tracker Software in Market Research

Eye-tracker software has myriad uses among the present-day technological advancements, but one sector it has grounded in is market research. It has made an impact in the field of market research in the following ways:

First, eye-tracking technology helps us understand parts of the ignored stimuli and the important sectors to focus on.

Today, the world is bombarded with advertisements and many promotion messages embedded in websites, phone apps, and television. These have all become impossible to ignore. Thus, many people, especially the younger generation, are zoning out from what they view daily on these screens and are already accustomed to regularly viewing the same ads.

With eye-tracking technology, there is an innovative way to test the effectiveness of these advertisements and promotional messages on the target audience.

Second, it allows marketing strategists to see their business from their customers’ perspectives. This is a massive step towards understanding the driving force of the customer’s excitement subconsciously.

We can now catch people’s eyes and understand what grabs them. Therefore, strategists can scrap the notion that marketing messages or ads weren’t successful due to poor positioning on a website. Eye-tracker software allows the measurement and effective quantification of the visual impact of marketing material.

Finally, in the new age of marketing, we can capture data accurately and confidently draw valuable insights to the clients. This eliminates queries over the results’ reliability and validity because this tracking technique curtails recall errors and other desirability effects easily missed by conventional research methods.

It’s a research method that allows us to tap into the subconscious, consequently unraveling the shaded motivators of behavior that individuals constantly have a problem recalling.

Eye-Tracking Devices in Neuroscience and Psychology

It might seem impractical, but eye-tracking software is increasingly being used in neuroscience. By tracking individuals’ gaze patterns, we can gain deeper insights into cognitive processes and fundamental attention, learning, and memory.

Additional research poses that we interpret and recall faces by scrutinizing eye and mouth movements. These also give away people’s emotional states. Therefore, interested website owners can track their users’ emotions and determine how they feel about their web content, thus adjusting it accordingly.

Advanced Gaming Experience

This is the latest possibility into which eye tracking is being used in technology. Recently, the gaming industry has become a vital tool because game and web designers can now assess the visual attentions and how people react to key moments in the games, thus learning the users’ overall gaming experience.

By combining these with additional biometric sensors, designers can now utilize pre-collected data to evaluate their users’ expressive and perceptive responses to gaming.

With the newly emerging trends and developments, it will be possible to dynamically control game subtleties using the players’ pupil dilation and gaze patterns.

It’s with no doubt that designers will continue to engrave eye-tracking software in our websites to get feasible feedback from their clients. The more we use it, the more we increase our knowledge of using this technology to our advantage.

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