Corporate Research & Development
Test and develop new human-computer interaction uses and applications more easily than ever with Gazepoint eye-tracking technology.

Our hardware is robust, accurate, and cost-effective. There are no additional licensing costs for commercial use and the API/SDK included with every package is easy to implement and use.

Gazepoint eye-tracking technology includes a variety of features and many data parameters, including eye gaze position, head position, pupil diameter, blink rate, and more. With our biometrics package, you can also access heart-rate and galvanic skin response (GSR). We can give you the technology to take your business – and your products – to the next level. Explore all that we have to offer with our best eye-tracking software for marketers, and contact Gazepoint today to learn more!

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Corporate Research

In researching novel applications for technology, you need access to accurate and easy-to-use tools that will help you achieve your goals. Solutions also need to be available at accessible prices, so you can acquire what you need with minimal budgetary approval challenges. Gazepoint offers solutions with these considerations in mind.

Our research-grade equipment is accurate and reliable — you’ll be hard-pressed to find eye-tracking software and hardware with the same balance of quality and practicality. Invest in the right equipment, and you can start making leaps in project development and innovation. Explore our inventory today to find what you need, whether it’s our GP3 HD Eye Tracker or a combination package including our biometrics hardware.

Eye-Tracking Technology for Developers

Gazepoint is developer-friendly. With an open-source API protocol and developer license included, it’s easy to create software to work with Gazepoint eye trackers. Code in any language, and parse eye gaze data in real-time.

Each Gazepoint device comes with our application software interface (API)/software development kit (SDK) and sample connection code in several languages to help you get started. Order your GP3 HD 150Hz Eye Tracker today, and get it fast with our speedy shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start developing eye-tracking applications?

You can code in the language and development environment of your choice, as long as it supports TCP/IP communications. Some sample code is provided with the Gazepoint software.

2. Which operating system does the GP3 work on?

The GP3 has been designed for Microsoft Windows (versions 7, 8.1, and 10).

3. What are the hardware requirements for the GP3?

Intel Core i5 or higher processor, 8GB RAM, and two USB ports (USB3.0 for GP3 HD)

4. How does my program communicate with the GP3?

The GP3 communicates via the Open Eye-gaze Interface API, which uses TCP/IP communications. The documentation for the API is available here.

5. What format is the data in?

The data is sent in XML format and is very easy to parse.

6. What data does the API provide?

The API provides the following data: time, data packet count, left and right eye points of gaze, fixation point, left and right pupil data, cursor position, screen size, camera size, and software information.

7. Where do I find sample code?

The Gazepoint software installer includes some sample code files. Look in the Gazepoint\Gazepoint\demo folder.

8. How do I get further help?

Contact us for anything else you might need help with.

all-in-one, user-friendly research and testing system

As the first high-performance eye tracking system available at a consumer price point, the Gazepoint GP3 HD Ultimate Bundle provides an accurate, trustworthy tool for diagnostics and testing use.
Eliminating the guesswork behind consumer-computer interactions, Gazepoint eye-tracking packages allow designers, developers, and marketing managers to better understand user engagement and interaction.
Utilize Gazepoint’s eye-tracking packages for improving medical care and research.  
Improve independence for persons with speech and mobility impairments using Gazepoint eye-tracking systems.