Calibration of the mobile stand is performed similiar to the normal calibration procedure, however the markers are fixed and do not animate. Try a few calibrations using Control to get used to the calibration order, center, top right, bottom right, bottom left, then top left. When control makes a tone the calibration is complete for a point and the user should look to the next point.

The following 5 point calibration grids vary in size for various screen resolutions. Try a few to find the size that is best tracked on the display being recording (a high DPI smart phone will need a larger icon than a low resolution tablet). These calibration web pages can be found in the Gazepoint installation folder to be used offline.

5 Point Grid – Scale 1 (smallest markers for low DPI resolution screens)

5 Point Grid – Scale 2

5 Point Grid – Scale 3

5 Point Grid – Scale 4

5 Point Grid – Scale 5 (largest markers for high DPI+, retina screens)


Mobile Screen Capture