logoWelcome to Gazepoint! We are excited to finally go live with our website!

We have developed a revolutionary new gaze-tracking platform that will enable a wide range of gaze tracking systems, all at affordable price points. We are starting with the release of the GP3 at $350 (an introductory special discount from the standard price $750). The potential applications for eye trackers is virtually limitless, our system is perfect for marketing and usability studies, scientific research, gaming or human computer interaction (HCI) applications, or any other application you can dream up!

Our goal is to establish an open platform for eye tracker application development. In supporting that goal we include a developer API and we will create a developer forum to establish a discussion community for eye tracker developers. Our hope is that YOU will create the next killer-app using gaze tracking!

The web store is now open, we target shipping units by (or before) June 30, 2013. Place your order today and be the first to get your hands on the Gazepoint GP3 Desktop eye tracker.

Stay tuned to this blog, we’re going to keep posting all new developments here!



As the first high-performance eye tracking software available at a consumer-grade price, GP3 provides an amplified level of accurate data for medical use.
Gazepoint’s innovations in eye-tracking allow developers to enhance behavioral research applications and usability studies applications.
Eliminating the guesswork behind the interactions between consumer and computer, our Analysis UX Edition allows users to track human behavior through measures such as eye movement tracking, click and scrolling behavior and more.