Eye-tracking for those who need it most

Eye-tracking for those who need it most

Eye tracking systems are amazing tools for assistive communication. Disabilities such as ALS, MS, locked-in syndrome quadriplegia, and even repetitive strain injuries can significantly impair a person’s ability to communicate. I really can’t even imagine what it would be like, communication is so fundamental to our everyday lives.

Back when I was completing my PhD, the ALS Society of BC held an engineering design competition where students designed devices to improve the quality of life of people living with ALS. I entered the eye-tracking system I had been working on, and sure enough it won an innovation prize. However, the unit ultimately didn’t help anyone with ALS, I only had one system and I needed it to complete my thesis!


When I started Mirametrix, I looked long and hard at supplying systems for the assistive market, but ultimately decided there was no need for another high cost system ($5,000 at the time, beyond the price point of most people). There were already players doing a great job servicing the market – LC Technologies to point out a particularly great company.


Ultimately, I never sold a single unit for assistive communication. And I have to say – I do regret that a bit, but I had a loftier goal. If I could develop an eye-tracker at a consumer price point, individuals with need of a communication device could simply head out to BestBuy and just pick one up. No need to use your insurance for support, or figure out some complex financial instruments to acquire a tool vital to quality of life.


At Gazepoint, I hope we finally reach that goal and make eye-tracking readily available to those who need it most!




As the first high-performance eye tracking software available at a consumer-grade price, GP3 provides an amplified level of accurate data for medical use.
Gazepoint’s innovations in eye-tracking allow developers to enhance behavioral research applications and usability studies applications.
Eliminating the guesswork behind the interactions between consumer and computer, our Analysis UX Edition allows users to track human behavior through measures such as eye movement tracking, click and scrolling behavior and more.