gazepoint is the most affordable, research-grade eye-tracking system on the market.

New uses for eye tracking are being continually developed to enhance the human-computer interface (HCI) experience. Gazepoint has one of the best eye-tracking software for marketers searching for tools that allow researchers and developers to apply the technology to their area of research easily.
Create data-driven designs and eliminate the guesswork of user engagement and interaction with Gazepoint. Our UX Bundles allow UX designers, developers, and web managers to visualize usage patterns, gather objective data, and optimize the user experience. The system is excellent for neuromarketing study. It is easy to use and includes powerful features such as heat maps, pupil diameter measurement, areas of interest (AOIs), Thinkaloud voice and webcam recording, and click scrolling behavior.
Choose the best eye tracking software for marketers that's easy to use and affordable. Gazepoint eye-tracking technology has been used as a teaching tool and in research worldwide, and you can explore our publications section to see how our tech has been utilized.
Eye tracking is used in several medical applications, including glaucoma testing and dyslexia diagnosis and treatment. Gazepoint’s visual tracking systems are user-friendly, cost-effective, and well-suited for use across industries.

Get the data you need to make new discoveries and innovations with Gazepoint.

Eye-tracking and biometric testing are paving the way to the future in countless fields and industries, from medicine to marketing. You can now access the technology you need to join the race at an affordable price. Explore our eye-tracking hardware and software packages for neuromarketing study, and order yours today to get started!

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the GP3 is the first system to offer high-performance eye tracking at an affordable price