10 09, 2015

Gazepoint Remote Viewer V3.0.0

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The Gazepoint Remote Viewer provides the ability to transmit the images shown in the Gazepoint Analysis software, over a network, to a remote computer for unobtrusive observation of the experiment underway. The core features of Remote include: Transmission of Analysis images to remote computers over a TCP/IP network High quality images and low bandwidth requirements Control of experiment underway (Start / Stop / Next media item) Remote chat between multiple Remote clients Real-time event logging in the experiment by Remote clients Full screen viewing We quietly introduced the Gazepoint Remote Viewer late last year and over the last months collected feedback on the performance of the system. We originally provided the ability to tune the quality of the image (low to high) to vary the level of bandwidth required. The feedback was a resounding, "Give us the highest quality images at the maximum frame rate with minimum bandwidth!", so we completely redesigned the underlying video feed protocol. The latest release is able to transmit high quality images at 10 frames per second (fps), using approximately 20 Mbps, easily within a 100 Mbps local area network. The bandwidth/frame rate will depend somewhat on the content being shown to the user (how much image compression is possible) and the underlying network speed. While a LAN (100/1000 Mbps) connection is best, the system will still operate over a lower bandwidth connection such as WiFi or the Internet (WAN), the frame rate may just be lower. Remote provides the ability to remotely start the recording of the experiment, move the recording to the next media item to be tested, as well as to stop the recording. This can allow the experiment subject full control of their computer (keyboard and mouse), while the [...]

10 09, 2015

Gazepoint update – V3.0.0 posted for download

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I recently looked back at our blog and the last post was in February! It's been quiet on the website but we have not been idle, we have a whole set of new features and products we'll be rolling out over the fall. We've just posted V3.0 of the Gazepoint Software suite, I'll take you through a few of the new features in the next set of blog posts.

15 08, 2013

The introductory offer is over, but the GP3 is still the most affordable high performance tracker available!

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Since the launch of the GP3, our high-performance, low-cost desktop eye-tracker, we’ve been flooded with orders, great feedback, and interesting requests for new features (stay tuned!). As we rush to assemble, test and ship units, we're also optimizing the manufacturing process, AND developing awesome new upgrade features like heatmaps, and entirely new products. We truly appreciate your patience if it takes a few extra days to get your order on the road, we're sure it'll be worth your wait! The bad news is we have now ended our introductory $350 pricing offer. The demand was so high we ran out of our inventory twice and had to scramble with our suppliers to restock! We'd love to keep our price at $350 but our our business model established the price point at $750. Now for the good news. Since there was so much demand, and we really really really want to see all the cool applications you're going to develop if only you can get your hands on a high performance, low-cost eye-tracker, we're only going to bump the price up just a little. So instead of jumping to $750, we will be offering the GP3 for $495, still and one or two orders of magnitude less than most systems out there. So go ahead and pick up an eye-tracker or two for your research lab, for your usability startup, or for the fun of integrating gaze into games and other programs. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

26 07, 2013

Back from SIGGRAPH

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The Gazepoint team is back from SIGGRAPH 2013. Thanks to all who stopped by and tried out our demo. The reception of the technology and the GP3 was fantastic. People were amazed at the price point of our device and the strong performance and accuracy.

23 07, 2013

Gazepoint demo at SIGGRAPH 2013 is a hit!

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The Gazepoint demo at SIGGRAPH 2013 is a hit! We are at the British Columbia Canada booth #565. People are super stoked about our eye tracker powered Fruit Ninja demo and the possibilities of new eye tracker powered applications. Best quotes of the day "this is cool technology!" and "the GP3 works better than the $20,000 eye trackers that are currently in my lab."      

19 07, 2013

Gazepoint headed to SIGGRAPH 2013

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The Gazepoint team is off to SIGGRAPH 2013 in sunny Anaheim California. We will be exhibiting on July 23 and 24, 2013 as part of the British Columbia Canada booth. If are coming to SIGGRAPH, please come check out our presentation and demo at booth 565 and meet us in person. We are so excited about this opportunity to meet and greet and show off our cool products! The British Columbia booth showcases Canadian technology and promotes trade and economic opportunities for the Province of BC.

23 06, 2013

GP3 Unboxing and Setup

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In the video below, we'll show just how easy the GP3 is to setup: you can get started with eye-tracking in under 3 minutes! You only need 4 components, all of which come with your brand new GP3 tracker: GP3 eye-tracker: required. You knew that. Tripod: Any standard camera tripod will work, so feel free to swap out the one we supply if your application needs something different. USB Cable: Standard USB A to mini B cable USB Power: Allows you to run the entire tracker off your computer, no need to plug into the wall The GP3 makes it easier and more affordable to get started with eye-tracking than ever before. Let us know if you want one soon! Cheers, Craig

6 06, 2013

Hire a Ph.D.

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An article in Macleans came out recently titled "Are Ph.D.s an academic dead zone?. Having a PhD myself, I actually have to agree with most of the points in the article: academia doesn't have room for all the PhDs that come out of universities. What's more, the deep but narrow research performed during graduate school doesn't always always make for attractive candidates for corporate position. That said, Gazepoint has 3 PhDs on staff. My PhD was in eye-tracking so definitely a good fit for this venture. All together, I've been developing eye-trackers for over 10 years now. However, Andras' PhD is in Chemistry and Julie's PhD is in Neuroscience, so on paper, the fit isn't as obvious. However, there are some skills that are necessary to successfully reach the end of the long and tedious road that is a doctorate degree. Ingenuity: a PhD thesis has to be novel; Tenacity: setbacks are continuous (talk to Julie about this!); Intelligence: just getting through the administrative hurdles takes a fair amount; Hard-work: long hours and working all weekend are the norm; Self-motivation: unless you can wrangle a few undergraduate minions, you're the lowest on the food chain, so no one will do the work for you; Willing to work for low pay with only the promise of a bright future somewhere in the murky distance: that's pretty much self-explanatory. As you can see, this set of skills right there sum up to some pretty fantastic startup team members. And it even turns out that eye-tracking may be useful in predicting Alzheimer, one of Julie's neuroscience research topics. And when it comes to fastening any component with adhesives, Andras is the man. That said, PhDs are not always necessary: [...]

1 06, 2013


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Welcome to Gazepoint! We are excited to finally go live with our website! We have developed a revolutionary new gaze-tracking platform that will enable a wide range of gaze tracking systems, all at affordable price points. We are starting with the release of the GP3 at $350 (an introductory special discount from the standard price $750). The potential applications for eye trackers is virtually limitless, our system is perfect for marketing and usability studies, scientific research, gaming or human computer interaction (HCI) applications, or any other application you can dream up! Our goal is to establish an open platform for eye tracker application development. In supporting that goal we include a developer API and we will create a developer forum to establish a discussion community for eye tracker developers. Our hope is that YOU will create the next killer-app using gaze tracking! The web store is now open, we target shipping units by (or before) June 30, 2013. Place your order today and be the first to get your hands on the Gazepoint GP3 Desktop eye tracker. Stay tuned to this blog, we’re going to keep posting all new developments here! Cheers, Craig