15 04, 2014

Focalpoint Platform Game using Gazepoint GP3

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At Gazepoint we are always keen to feature innovative uses of eye-tracking systems, especially applications using the GP3! Over the past 8 months a student team in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia has been hard at work developing an innovative new video game which uses the player's eye-gaze information as a core game dynamic (also featured on the ECE UBC site). Focalpoint is one of the first, if not the first game which uses eye-gaze as a native game dynamic (and not just a mouse cursor or touch replacement). It's a simple game, but once you start playing, you forget about the eye-tracking and it feels like the computer just knows what you want it to do, without having to click anywhere. For those of you fortunate enough to have a GP3 eye-tracker, you can download and play the game from the following link: For those without a GP3 you can check out the demo video the UBC team created, or you can pick up a GP3 from us! I'm not sure whether to be flattered or not by the main character's name. Focalpoint Team Pictures and Bio Nick Fischer: Nick is the team leader of the project. He handles the communications and and meetings for the group. His biggest contributions to the game are the integration of Gazepoints eye-tracker and the game audio. Nick is a 4th year Electrical Engineering undergrad at UBC. Russell Porter: Russell designed the game's software architecture and implemented the teleportation functionality, he is a 4th year Computer Engineering undergrad at UBC. John McDonnell: The Focalpoint game was originally Johns idea. He is the games head designer, and programmer. Johns biggest [...]

8 12, 2013

Travel Bag for the GP3 – Compliments of Gazepoint

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We travel a lot with our eye trackers, and since the GP3 is so portable we usually just throw a few in our laptop bag and hit the road. It's our way of stress testing the design in real-world, practical use. The GP3 holds up great, no need for a great big travel case, but we thought it would be nice if we had some sort of organizer that would fit the GP3, laptop base and the shorter cables. So we went out and sourced some festive red travel bags for the GP3. They are made of soft micro-fiber cloth so you can also use them to clean any dust you might find on the black front surface. We will be shipping all future GP3s with these travel bags included for free. It was just a coincidence the material was red, but it works well for the holiday season! Who wouldn't love to get a GP3 eye-tracker or two as a gift?!

16 11, 2013

Introducing the GP3 laptop mount!

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We are pleased to announce the release of the GP3 Laptop Mount! We had a lot of positive feedback on our GP3 VESA monitor mount which led to requests for a similar attachment to a laptop. Attaching the eye tracker to the display or laptop ensures that calibrations remain fixed even if the laptop is accidentally bumped. The laptop mount is also easier to setup on a laptop keyboard than the 3 point tripod we supply (no more accidentally pressing keys). Finally the base has a rubber grip that prevents the eye tracker from sliding around on the keys, which means the laptop can be set on sloped surfaces (podiums, slanted desks, your lap!), and the unit won't slide off. Check out the video below to see the eye-tracker in action, and order yours today!  

16 09, 2013

Gazepoint V1.5.0 released September 10, 2013

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Gazepoint V1.5.0 (September 10, 2013) – Win XP, Vista, 7 & 8, x86 & x64 Release Notes Gazepoint Controller- Improved glint tracking (major improvement in tracking performance)- Added 9 point calibration option in calibration window- Changed how calibration display updates to improve performance on slower machines- Optimized processing speed Gazepoint Analysis- Added multi user recording- ‘Remove User’ data record button now delete the user files as well as the UI user- Fixed bug – History duration was integer not float – now allows decimal values- Fixed bug – Screen capture export failed if screen size was not multiple of 4 (codec req.)- Fixed bug – Switching to heatmap while exporting could cause crash- Added recording total-time feedback information- On calibration gives focus to Gazepoint Control Gazepoint Demos- GPClient – Switched RX data buffer from to FIFO to prevent filling memory with unread data Visit this URL to download the latest software. Download password was provided with your shipment. Contact us with your order number if you can't find it. http://www.gazept.com/downloads/

14 08, 2013

Gazepoint Control and Analysis version 1.4.0 now supports Vista and XP

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We are pleased to announce that Gazepoint Control and Analysis software version 1.4.0 supports Windows Vista and XP operating systems. Our latest release adds compatibility for these platforms. We do recommend a reasonably powerful processor still, such as an Intel Core i3 processor. Be sure to check back frequently as we have many more updates coming!

2 08, 2013

What functionality does the GP3 include?

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What functionality does the GP3 include? This is common question that we see all the time and we'd like to share that info here with everyone. The GP3 includes Gazepoint Analysis which is an easy-to-use usability study analysis software. It can produce heat maps and gaze fixation maps overlayed to either screen content (web pages, images, video, custom software). Comparable software from competitors cost anywhere from $500 to $10000. Screen capture allows you to capture whatever content is on the screen, images, video, webpages, custom software, etc., and record both the screen images and the gaze data. The gaze data may then be visualized as scan paths or heat maps and exported as images, videos, or raw comma-separated-values for further analysis.

31 07, 2013

GP3 Screen Mount means less calibration

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GP3 with Screen Mount An interesting question recently came up from an experienced eye tracker user. Does the GP3 eye tracker require re-calibration at the start of each use? For the same user, no it does not. The GP3 stores the last calibration and will work just fine without re-calibration even if you power it off, provided you have not accidentally moved the eye-tracker with respect to the screen. Keeping the unit in the same position is easiest with the GP3 Screen Mount where the unit is attached directly to your monitor. Not having the eye-tracker free standing on a tripod on your desk means that it's always at the optimal distance and viewing angle from the user and always calibrated and ready-to-go. As an added bonus you free up valuable desk space and reduce clutter. Consider getting a Screen Mount with your GP3 today!