13 08, 2018

Gazepoint Biometrics (GSR, Heart Rate, Self-Report Dial, Pupillometry) Now Available

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The entire Gazepoint Team is very happy to announce the release of the all new Gazepoint Biometrics platform. The Biometrics platform builds on our existing expertise in eye-tracking and adds additional biometric signals to the data capture stream. The Biometrics platform provides 3 new signals, heart rate and galvanic skin response (GSR) from the finger sensor, as well as an analog self-reporting engagement dial (0-100%). The biometric signals can be captured as standalone signals or in conjunction with eye-tracking data. In addition, the Gazepoint eye-tracking systems (GP3 and GP3 HD) have been upgraded to provide a more accurate pupil diameter measure. The upgraded pupillometry system is available to all existing and new eye-tracking customers with access to the latest software release (V5.0 will be rolled out soon). Some of the key features of the Gazepoint Biometrics system include: The Biometrics system is extremely easy to use. As with the design of our eye-tracking systems, our goal is to make it very easy to get up and running and collecting data. Simply plug the finger sensor into the dial block, the dial block into the PC USB and click the ON button in Control to activate the biometrics sensor system. Biometrics seamlessly integrates with the existing Gazepoint Analysis platform and eye-trackers. You can design projects as before with images, videos, screen capture, etc, and as long as the Biometrics system is enabled, all the data will be captured and synchronized along with the eye-tracking data. Biometrics can be run stand-alone. It is possible to use just the biometrics system to capture GSR, heart rate and the self-report dial if eye-tracking data is not required. Biometrics is integrated into the OpenGaze API which makes developing custom applications [...]

10 10, 2015

Gazepoint Analysis V3.0.0 Blink Tracking

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Blink tracking has been added to the latest release of the Gazepoint software (V3.0.0), both to Control via the Open Gaze API (all versions) and to Analysis visualizations (UX). In Control you can access the blink tracking metrics by enabling the ENABLE_SEND_BLINK setting which adds a blink counter BKID, blink duration for the last blink BKDUR and the average blink rate over the last minute BKPMIN. In Analysis simply click the Enable display button for the Blink Rate to turn on the overlay.

27 02, 2015

Gazepoint in the News

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  Gazepoint has been covered in the news a fair amount recently. After coverage in the local Vancouver Sun newspaper, Dr. Hennessey has given interviews on CKNW radio (SoundCloud link below) as well as CTV on eye-tracking applications and even given a sneak peak at our head mounted prototype system. We have also added another 3 citations of the Gazepoint GP3 in academic papers to the publications page.