Travel Bag for the GP3 – Compliments of Gazepoint


We travel a lot with our eye trackers, and since the GP3 is so portable we usually just throw a few in our laptop bag and hit the road. It’s our way of stress testing the design in real-world, practical use. The GP3 holds up great, no need for a great big travel case, but we thought it would be nice if we had some sort of organizer that would fit the GP3, laptop base and the shorter cables.
So we went out and sourced some festive red travel bags for the GP3. They are made of soft micro-fiber cloth so you can also use them to clean any dust you might find on the black front surface. We will be shipping all future GP3s with these travel bags included for free.
It was just a coincidence the material was red, but it works well for the holiday season! Who wouldn’t love to get a GP3 eye-tracker or two as a gift?!
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