Since the launch of the GP3, our high-performance, low-cost desktop eye-tracker, we’ve been flooded with orders, great feedback, and interesting requests for new features (stay tuned!). As we rush to assemble, test and ship units, we’re also optimizing the manufacturing process, AND developing awesome new upgrade features like heatmaps, and entirely new products. We truly appreciate your patience if it takes a few extra days to get your order on the road, we’re sure it’ll be worth your wait!

The bad news is we have now ended our introductory $350 pricing offer. The demand was so high we ran out of our inventory twice and had to scramble with our suppliers to restock! We’d love to keep our price at $350 but our our business model established the price point at $750.

Now for the good news. Since there was so much demand, and we really really really want to see all the cool applications you’re going to develop if only you can get your hands on a high performance, low-cost eye-tracker, we’re only going to bump the price up just a little. So instead of jumping to $750, we will be offering the GP3 for $495, still and one or two orders of magnitude less than most systems out there.

So go ahead and pick up an eye-tracker or two for your research lab, for your usability startup, or for the fun of integrating gaze into games and other programs. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!